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5. How to order the product in Adalya Online Shop?

Adalya Indonesia uses an e-commerce system, so reservations must be made through this site directly. You can also place your quenstions that are not yet clear to our customer service via Whatsapp business.
Input order must be done directly on this website.

How to book in Adalya:

  1. Click the “Add To Cart” button for all desired products,
  2. Click the cart icon, or the “View Cart” button to see the contents of the cart,
  3. Click the “Checkout” button to go to the payment page,
  4. On the payment page, please:
    • Fill in the data on the form (name, address, email, etc.),
    • Choose the desired shipping method (JNE, POS Indonesia, J&T, Wahana, etc.),
  5. When you’re done, click the “Create Order” button,
  6. Please follow the payment instructions on the next page:
    • Click the Bank of your choice ( Mandiri, BNI, Permata, or Other Bank),
    • Click “See Account Number”then Click” Please Complete Payment”,
  7. You will automatically enter the “Checkout” page so you can see your order details as well as your payment info. You can also view all your order status and details on the “Orders” page.
  8. After you make a payment, you don’t need to confirm your payment, as your payment will be verified automatically.
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