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Ledgerx Exchange

LedgerX is a U.S. 1 contract = 0.1 ETH; 10 contracts = 1 ETH. announced the closing of $11.4 Million in Series ledgerx exchange B financing led by Miami. (Note that we are a derivatives exchange, not a spot exchange, so our product structure is based on our contract size, which is 0.01 BTC and 0.1 ETH.). LedgerX can now clear pips bitcoin collateralized futures, futures options, and swaps, in addition to its digital asset products The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has approved the first trading and clearing platform specifically for cryptocurrency-based derivatives..LedgerX Bitcoin Mini Futures are listed for two consecutive months + two quarterly months and physically-settled at maturity. LedgerX is a digital currency futures and options exchange and clearinghouse. federally regulated exchange and clearinghouse. What Is LedgerX?

You can trade both BTC & ETH options on LedgerX. LedgerX is headquartered in Miami, FL and trading is available to investors in all 50 states and U.S. Since launch, investors bitcoin to naira converter have traded over 12 million. Read more. LedgerX ledgerx exchange has selected BitGo, the market leader in digital asset financial services, to provide multi. On May 22, 2017, Ledger Holdings Inc.

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